Friday morning I was invited to come to our School Science Laboratory.As soon as possible I got to the place they wanted. There ,there were some guide teachers , Mrs.Mardiany, Mrs.Luluk,Mrs.Endah,Mrs.Nita,Mrs.Ulfa,Miss. Anik,etc.and English ,Science trained students waiting for me.  As a principal, I was asked  to motivate the students since the next day the students would go to SMA   Al-Fattah ,Lamongan to participate English ,Science competation

Then I began to motivate them. I explained in details about  some  keys of success :

  1. Our performance motto I just created .It,s ….GOOD PLAN, GOOD PROCESS, GOOD RESULT.

No good result ,if we don,t design good plan, and do good process . The first step is to determine the target we want to reach.The determined target drives us how to design the process.The duration of the time we will use,kinds of  materials must be taught,how many instructures will be involved,the place where the training will be taken place  are completely recorded on the plan.The quantity of the components above depend on  the target we  desire to reach.

  1. The spirit of change . The world always changes from time to  time.The various chalenges come to us anytime,day by day ,hour by hour even second by second. Facing continous changes in our life means  , we must have a great spirit of change in my mind..Don’t  enjoy  to stay in your confort zone and have already  been satisfied here.We must move up dynamically.If we don’t do it ,we will be marginalized by ourselves. And what must  we do first to change our life ? . To answer the question ,Carleton , creator of the “No Down Payment Real Estate” home study course say “ Before you can change your life ,you must first change your thinking “ ( Jack Canfield : 2005 ).

And to follow any competation is as an evaluation whether we have already changed or not.So we should takepart any competation as many as possible. We then evaluate  the result and the process. We do it continuously . We will improve our designed plan and also changed the ways of our process as far as it is needed.

Allah swt also confirms how important  the change must be made by human being is.As  He says in Al-Quran “INNALLAHA LAYUGHGHOIRU MA BI KAUMIN,HATTA YUGHGHOIRU MA BI ANFUSIHIM”. It means that Allah swt really doesn’t change the condition of a nation ,until they will change by themselves.

  1. 3. Never give up.Heavy duty we do is in the activity of the  process.We must apply a super disciplined behaviour.The teachers ,the instructures,the students,the committee and other persons involved must obey the programme of the designed training : materials,duration of the time ,post and pretest,etc.All activities in process need high commitment,need patience, need persistence,togetherness,and solidity .
  2. 4. Take 100 % responsibility.After the competation,whatever the result will be known. It may be still low,middle or we reach the best.Whatever the result must be received fairly,honestly.Don’t blame others, if the result is still low . And we soon evaluate every step we have already done.Our strategy of training ,our method of teaching and learning ,the materials and references we use and also the quality of  insrtuctures and the teachers involved must be evaluated thoroughly as soon as possible.

One of the most important keys of success is “never in despair”

Four points above I explained to our beloved students and teachers .They looked understand deeply.And from their faces I looked at their high expectation . For  my pride of them I called them “my army” that would go forward to a big battle. Please go and be back with great wins. We are waiting for all of you in front of the winning gate.

What happens next ? with her  heavy voice “ We are the first pak,the first pak “ said our english  guideteacher ,Mrs.Siska, proudly  via handphone.Before it Mrs. Ulfa said “sorry sir Math and Science team only reached the semifinal stage” .It happened in Saturday afternoon at about four o’clock .

“Thank you so much my teachers and beloved students,we are  proud of you all “ I sent my sms to the winning team via Mrs,Siska’s handphone.Cheerfully,  I soon contacted another English guide ,Mrs.Mardiany,to share our happiness…Unconciously  my tear ran down from my eyes…It reflected my full satisfaction…Alhamdulillah…I have said this holy word hundreds time so far.

Valuing Staff.

Sunday morning about  eight o’clock I sent sms to a Radar Bojonegoro’s reporter .I have known her well.The message I asked her to expose  was about our success to get 1st champion in English competation in Lamongan,held at SMA Unggulan Al-Fattah yesterday.Miss Titis ,the reporter, would visit  our student to intevew around her success.After doing a short negotiation,we decided that an intevew planned to be done at our school .For about an hour the student accompanied by Mrs.Siska,and her father were at school with the radar bojonegoro’s reporter .Next week on Tuesday we hope the people in our town will have  read the story of our “star”, Ahimmatul Ullya Safira Magistary ,written by the reporter  on the  local familiar newspaper,Radar Bojonegoro.Everybody will be proud and surprised indeed ,especially our students,our teachers and staff, and also her parents.Include me ,of course.It,s the way of our school to value the student’s achievement.In a  management of effective school it’s called “ Valuing Staff”.



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